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Low back pain is a condition in the lumbar region affecting 80% of the population of Western countries. This is the main cause of sick leaves in France. For a segment of this population, 1.8 million people each year, low back pain becomes chronic and incapacitating, isolating little by little the person from his entourage.


It is in response to this major issue that Japet Medical Devices developed Atlas, an exoskeleton to relieve the pain of these patients and accompany them in their resumption of activity.


Using micromotors and a full set of sensors, Atlas decompresses the spine to relieve the pain associated with excess pressure in the lumbar region. The device is used in conjunction with an application that provides the patient with targeted exercises, and enables data collection that ensures proper monitoring and analysis of progress.


With its medical device Atlas, patented and certified medical device, Japet offers an innovative solution to relieve back pain and allow better rehabilitation of patients while ensuring better follow-up by doctors.

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